v0.3.12 - v0.6.0 - Reimagining the project

It's been a slow journey, but the application had a redesign both visually and internally so it's easier to maintain for the growing number of devices and features.

  • New command line utility
  • New website and documentation
  • Rewrite tray applet
  • Refactor Controller (Pass 1, 2018)
  • Refactor Controller (Pass 2, 2019)
  • Port Controller to PyQt5 (Pass 3, 2020)
  • New Preferences
  • New Devices tab
  • New Effects tab ("application profiles" replacement)
  • New effect format (with support for animation)
  • New troubleshooter for OpenRazer

v0.7.0 - Upcoming stable release

Consolidating progress and superseding v0.3.12.

  • Polish little things for a new stable release
  • Quality assurance testing across distros with progress so far

v1.0.0 - The big one

This release will expand custom (software) effects, introduce presets for multiple devices and events for automating your lighting.

  • Improve build system
  • Improve translation system
  • New feature: Presets
  • New feature: Triggers
  • New Effect Type: Scripted
  • New Effect Type: Layered


  • Browse/share effects designed by other Polychromatic users.
  • Optional hardware survey

Future Ambitions

  • Add backend support for Philips Hue.
  • Add backend support for OpenRGB.
  • Key remapping (macro) support.
  • Interactive effect layers.
  • Port application to Windows and macOS.

The roadmap is subject to change at any time.