Packages for Linux Distributions

Official Packages

We package officially for the following distros. Updates can be expected shortly after a new release.

Distro Release Preview Provider
UbuntuExternal Link * Yes Yes LaunchpadExternal Link
DebianExternal Link * Yes Yes LaunchpadExternal Link
ArchExternal Link Yes Yes AURExternal Link (-git)External Link
FedoraExternal Link Yes   openSUSE Build ServiceExternal Link
openSUSEExternal Link Yes   openSUSE Build ServiceExternal Link
MageiaExternal Link Yes   openSUSE Build ServiceExternal Link

* Split packaging allows installation of specific features.

Ubuntu includes flavours and derivatives, like Linux Mint, elementaryOS, Pop!_OS and Zorin OS.

See the Download pageExternal Link for instructions.

Community Supported

We don’t look after these packages and no direct communication with the maintainers. Update times may vary.

Distro Repository Maintainer
SolusExternal Link Solus x86_64External Link (Multiple)
GentooExternal Link sys-apps/polychromaticExternal Link xgqtExternal Link
SlackwareExternal Link SlackBuilds.orgExternal Link mdinslageExternal Link

If there’s a dependency or packaging problem, raise an issue on their repository or bug tracker.

Universal Package Formats

Sorry! Polychromatic does not offer AppImages, Flatpaks or Snaps at the moment.

Tray Applet vs Desktop Environments

A few desktop environments consider “system tray” to be obsolete. As a result, the tray applet may not work straight out of the box and will need additional steps.

Environment Distro Family Notes
GNOME 3 Ubuntu Install gnome-shell-extension-appindicatorExternal Link using your package manager.
GNOME 3 Arch Install gnome-shell-extensions-appindicator-gitExternal Link from the AUR.
GNOME 3 Other Install the GNOME extension that provides AppIndicator support.
Pantheon elementaryOS This feature was removed in 5.0 “Juno”External Link. You can restore the feature by following these instructionsExternal Link.

If things have changed, or we missed something, do let us know by raising an issue.

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