Distros and Desktop Environments

Official Packages

This software is natively provided on these distributions.

Distro Maintainer
Ubuntu* lah7
Debian lah7
Arch / Manjaro z3ntu
Fedora z3ntu
openSUSE z3ntu
Mageia z3ntu
Solus z3ntu

* Ubuntu includes flavours and derivatives, such as Linux Mint, elementaryOS, Pop!_OS and Zorin OS

Universal Package Formats

Polychromatic does not offer AppImages, Flatpaks or Snaps at the moment.

Community Supported

Distro Repository Maintainer
Gentoo vifino/vifino-overlay vifino
Red Hat / CentOS moozhub/yum-repo-mooz moozhub

If there’s a dependency or packaging problem, please raise the issue on their repository.

Tray Applet vs Desktop Environments

The toolkit GTK powering some desktop environments consider “system tray” to be obsolete. As a result, the tray applet may work straight out of the box and will need additional steps.

Environment Distro Family Notes
GNOME Shell Ubuntu Install gnome-shell-extension-appindicator using your package manager.
GNOME Shell Arch Install gnome-shell-extensions-appindicator-git from the AUR.
GNOME Shell Other Install the GNOME extension that provides AppIndicator support.
Pantheon elementaryOS This feature was removed in 5.0 “Juno”. You can restore the feature by following these instructions.