Screenshot of v0.1.0

2016: A simple GUI contribution

Polychromatic started off as a GUI contribution to the razer_chroma_drivers repository, the predecessor to OpenRazer before it was forked, overhauled and rebranded to support over 100 devices as we know today.

This interface was like a prototype that used PolicyKit to elevate permissions and echo data to the sysfs driver.

Let’s refer to this one as v0.1.0.

Screenshot of v0.2.3

v0.2.x: New repository, new name

4 months later, the application was decoupled into its own repository as it was unfeasible to maintain long-term mixed with a driver. It also got the name Polychromatic, hinting at its many colours functions.

The project also took over development of @terrycain’s tray applet as another GUI to interact with the driver.

The software has had small, incremental improvements over the years, but still drags the legacy of being built around the BlackWidow Chroma keyboard.

Screenshot of v0.3.12

v0.3.x: Multiple devices

Now that OpenRazer went on to support more then just keyboards - the project now works with mice, mouse mats, keypads, laptops, the GPU enclosure, the mug, and many more.

The software added support for more then one device and has been packaged to run on many Linux distributions (thanks @z3ntu!)

Screenshot of v0.4.0

v0.4.0 - v0.6.0: New design

To accommodate the growth of new devices and features, the project underwent a UI redesign drawn on sheets of e-paper.

It turns out, however, building a “hybrid desktop web app” was holding up progress. Simple things took ages to design and look good. After a couple of rewrites, it still didn’t feel like it could be a scalable application with clean code. It’s still a weird hybrid of web technologies mixed with Python after all!

The third rewrite was a port to PyQt5, a well documented cross-platform UI framework that lets us focus on the logic and new features.

The Future: v1.0.0

Instead of just being a front-end to OpenRazer, the project has a new ambition to be agnostic and work with any vendor. Writing an application to polish the RGB experience for Razer peripherals might as well be compatible with other brands, so we avoid the “vendor lock in” problem.

Stay tuned as the next generation of the software is nearing completion. Bring on the custom effects, presets and automation!

What about key rebinding and macros? Once the lighting is polished, let’s get a front-end built for that too!