Polychromatic’s save data is stored in JSON format. The location is based on the XDG spec, which is usually ~/.config/polychromatic/ and ~/.cache/polychromatic/.

Preferences can be adjusted via the Controller.

Preferences is accessible via the Edit menu bar

However, if the Controller is not installed, (or you know what you’re doing), you may make changes directly based on the specifications below. Note that changes take effect on the next launch and invalid data will be reinitalised.

Changes to JSON files directly while the application is running may cause changes to be overwritten in some circumstances.

Folder Structure

Folder/File Purpose
backends/ Backends may use this to store runtime or persistant data
custom_icons/ Copies of imported images to set for effects, presets or tray icon
effects/layered/ Software effects determined by layers
effects/scripted/ Programmable effects written in Python
effects/sequence/ Animated (or static) effect based on pixels and frames
presets/ Stores pre-determined device settings. Some other apps may call these “profiles”
states/ Stores internal data noting a device’s current effect or preset
colours.json Your saved colours list
preferences.json General configuration (see below)

Obsolete Folders

These were previously used in previous versions (< v1.0.0) and can be safely deleted.

Folder/File Purpose
backups/ Stored copies of old effects
profiles/ Stored original “Application Profiles” keyboard mappings.


Group Value Data Type Purpose
  config_version int Keeps track of preference version. Don’t touch!
controller landing_tab int 0-3, in this order: Devices, Effects, Presets, Triggers
controller show_menu_bar bool Show/hide the menu bar. Press Alt to reveal if hidden.
controller system_qt_theme bool Use the system’s Qt theme. Dependant on current theme and environment.
controller window_behaviour int 0 - Always open in center
1 - Remember last position/size
2 - Let window manager decide
controller toolbar_style int 0 - System default
1 - Icons only
2 - Text only
3 - Text alongside icons
4 - Text under icons
editor live_preview bool When editing effects, show the changes on the physical device.
tray autostart bool Should the tray applet start when the user logs in?
tray autostart_delay int How long (in seconds) to wait before autostarting. This helps some desktop environments that suffer from a race condition which causes the applet to display incorrectly or show no devices.
tray mode int 0 - Use Default
1 - AppIndicator3 (GTK)
2 - GTK Status Icon (Legacy)
tray icon str Relative path from data directory, custom_icons or an absolute path to the tray icon.