Device Support


Polychromatic acts as a frontend for these projects:

Project Devices
OpenRazer Open source driver and daemon supporting 100+ Razer peripherals on GNU/Linux.

Providing support for these features:

  • Brightness
  • Hardware Effects
  • Create custom LED layout (limited to keyboards in v0.3.12)
  • Read firmware data
  • Set DPI and Polling Rate

The upcoming v1.0.0 update will improve:

  • Support for all custom LED layouts (mice, keypads, etc)
  • Software effects
  • Devices with multiple zones

Future Ambitions

The project would like to integrate support for these in future:

Reporting Issues

If the application is unable to work with your device, it’s important to know whether the issue is specific to this application (frontend) or the backend.

Some issues may be because of v0.3.12. Try the newer branch.

Before reporting issues, please debug the action with the backend directly and raise the issue on that project if the problem continues. For example, with OpenRazer, you can use d-feet or QDBusViewer to debug driver calls (via D-Bus) or use the Python library to directly communicate with the daemon if you keep seeing Backend Error messages.

OpenRazer being a driver can sometimes be improperly installed. Consult their Troubleshooting Guide for things to try.

In a future update, Polychromatic will include a troubleshooter that checks for common problems.

Otherwise, for UI and behaviour issues, raise the issue here on Polychromatic’s repository.